Friday, 3 May 2013

Friday Fitness #1 Introduction

Thought i'd join a lot of others in doing fitness Friday posts
Its not so much losing weight for me(although a tad would be lovely) but more so getting healthy and toning up.
I'm not really sure how what i'm going to write in these posts as the weeks goes on but we shall see!
I'm hoping to do a different topic or idea for each week for example next week's Friday fitness post will be my healthy banana muffins recipe along with an update.

Background on my Fitness: 
I had be doing the 30 day shred dvd,though when i do miss a day for being too busy i find it hard to start back and always start from day one again!-I am hoping to start this back and stick to it properly this time!
I currently don't really do any exercise, some of you may know about my illness which means i can't do any intensive exercise which sucks because i want to lose a bit of weight for my holiday in July(GREECE HERE I COME WOOO!) but diet wise i'm starting to eat very healthy! 
My obsession at the moment is green juices!
I make a homemade green juice/smoothie each day and in the coming weeks i'm thinking i might post some of my green juice recipes!

So that's it for today's post.If you do fitness posts yourself please link them below i'm really interested in them at the moment!

Keep a look out for another post today-BEDM day 3 A day in the life post!(though it will probs be up very late tonight when i get home!)

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