Monday, 13 May 2013

BEDM Day 13-Go Green

So today's topic is 'Go Green' I wasn't sure what to write for today as to be honest i'm not the most Eco friendly person.I mean i do my bit like recycling and not wasting anything but i definitively don't do enough.

I though i'd share with you some ways in which you can 'go green' when it comes to makeup and to get the most from your beauty products and not waste the tiny bit left at the end of the tube!

-Don't be afraid to cut the end of the tube open-you paid for it,don't waste whats left!
-Recycle products,check the tube/box to see if this can be done
-Make your products last longer:only use what's needed
-Mix it up:when you run out of your favourite blush-dig into your makeup collection-you might find one you used to love hidden away!
-Recycle and re-use your old clothes;there's plenty of tutorials on youtube showing you how to jazz up your wardrobe.

Do you have any tips how to 'go green' when it comes to makeup?

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