Friday, 26 October 2012

What's For Dinner #1 Tortilla Lasagne

 I've decided to do a little 'what's for dinner' series and hope someone of you will join me in sharing recipes with each other! 

Vegetarian Tortilla Lasagne

If you haven't heard of sorted food then you definitely should check their YouTube channel out.This was the first time I've tried out this recipe but it for sure won't be the last!
It takes lasagne to a whole new level using tortilla wraps instead of pasta sheets and since I'm on a healthy eating kick at the moment this is perfect!

 And the final result.....

I made a couple of changes to the recipe and added a few more handfuls of spinach and used cheddar to top.I think i managed to do about four layers,It really surprised me how similar the cooked tortilla is too lasagne sheets!

The recipe:

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

My first graze box&Your free box!

So i finally took the plunge and ordered my first graze box after wanting to for ages!
I got my first box free by using a fellow bloggers code and now I'm here to give you mine!
Type in this code when ordering and you can get your first box free

For my first box i decided not to rate any snacks and take a chance and see what came.
In my box:
Toffee Apple 
Fruity Mango Chutney
Marvellous Macaroon
Cheddar Gorge 

 My fav definitely was the mango chutney&black pepper dippers!

There's no contract with graze boxes so if you just want to try the box out once you can and with this code your first box is free! 

Have you tried a graze box?
Let me know if you use this code :)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Tag:Eight Most Worn Things

1.Your most worn Lipgloss/lipstick?
I don't usually wear Lipgloss and i couldn't just pick one so here's my two favourite lipsticks Mac snob&Jack wills sweat pea 
2.Your most worn earrings?
These here are my favourite earrings although at the moment i only have one ear pierced(i used to have three in each ear)but let them all close up :( These earrings will also be in my lips like sugar shop(sneak pear here) coming soon!
3.Your most worn top?
definitely has to be my Topshop crop top!
 4.Your most worn nail polish?
MUA lovehearts collection-Orange 
and Barry M  raspberry 
5.Your most worn shoes?
Have to be Topshop Vectra's,i haven't had them very long but I've worn them almost every day!
6.Your most worn hair product?
7.Your most worn perfume?
my signature scent-Prada Candy
8.Your most worn handbag?
I normally switch up bags to go with outfits but i thought i'd include the famous 'blogger bag'

If your reading this then i tag you to do the 'Eight most worn things tag'

Friday, 12 October 2012

My Signature Scent- Prada Candy

I love this fragrance! It's what i'd call a 'sweet adult scent' 

Longevity-lasts about four hours
Smells Like:Sweet,musky,caramel 
Price-£40 which i think is a decent price for a perfume

What Prada say "The pure indulgence and enjoyment of Prada Candy lies in its excess.Prada Candy is a fragrance with a novel olfactory balance combining exceptionally high-quality ingredients in excessive proportions.Magnifies by white musk's noble benzoin comes together with a modem caramel accord to give the fragrance a truly unique signature."
 Top notes
Seductive notes:Joyful and Carefree-Explosion of caramel
Powdery notes:Sophistication-cocktail of musks
Vanilla notes:Sensuality-Benjoin Overdose

What's your signature scent?
Have you ever tried Prada Candy?
I also found a little website that lets you find your perfect scent!