Tuesday, 26 March 2013

The Best And Worst Of MUA

MUA is a controversial brand within the blogging community and i know it's a love hate company with so many bloggers feeling strongly about the products,so i thought i'd do this post showing you some of what i think are MUA's hits and misses.
MUA Lipsticks
Mua has 14 lipsticks in their £1 range. Unfortunately not many are shades i'd usually go for but saying that the colour's i do have i love especially the shade on the left(number 14-bare)Which is just a lovely everyday lipstick-this stays in my makeup bag permanently!
The formulas are fab and they last on the lips at least a couple of hours.You can't go wrong with the £1 price tag!
Heaven And Earth Palette 
Best palette ever! I'm a neutral eye shadow kinda girl and when i do reach for eye shadow this is my go to palette.You can totally tell which ones my fave!

MUA Loveheart Lip balm 
This is in the shade great lips.I haven't really reached for this too much but its such i pretty colour think i might put it in my handbag and force myself to use it!

Intense Colour Eyeliner Pencil
This eyeliners nothing special but it is my everyday eyeliner of choice.Cheap,cheerful,pigmented and lasts all day. Can't complain for £1.

Mega Volume Mascara 
For £3 I think this mascara does a pretty decent job,it's not something to rave about about but for a cheap mascara it does what it's meant to!

MUA Pro Base Fixing Mist-£5.00
I found this product really doesn't make a difference to how long my makeup lasts& i do find when you use it a large burst of spray comes out and leaves my makeup sticky for the rest of the day.

Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit £3.50
The colour selection isn't great and i deffo wouldn't had bought it had i known what colour's were inside as sadly neither of them match my eyebrows but this would be perfect for someone who has the exact shade!

Pro-Base Kit In Porcelain Beige £3.50
The concealer & highlighting cream aren't amazing but the blush on the other hand is such a pretty colour and as i've been into cream blushes lately this is perfect and it gives such a natural flush to the cheeks.

Primer £4.00
I love this primer! It's so smooth and velvety to apply.
I think this is my fifth tube so far-definitely one of my holy grail products and i urge any one with normal-to dry skin to give this a try!
If you want to read more i have a review HERE

Matte Foundation £2.00
I found this to be an MUA miss as the foundation is very sticky when applying and even after the skin has been powered.

MUA Nail Polishes 
Lastly i have 4 mua nail polishes to tell you about.I haven't tried anything from the £1 range but i absolutely adore the love hearts nail collection.
I need to buy the final pale yellow to finish the collection.
the formula is great and they can easily last 5 days looking great!

What Have You Tried From MUA?
What do do think are MUA hits and misses?

Monday, 25 March 2013

Sunday, 24 March 2013

My Week In Pictures #4

001/ ahh that time of the week cleaning makeup brushes *sigh*
002/ Kitty decided to climb into bed with me
003/ Bought a new blender<finally!
004/ Chicken and veg stir fry-best meal of the week
005/ Favourite outfit of the week!
006/ Bought the sofa that was in my room downstairs to the office and bought a turquoise cover for it!
good old ikea ey.

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Saturday, 23 March 2013

Lips Like Sugar Has A Facebook Page

I decided to make a Facebook page with the whole Google fiasco going so you can keep up to date with posts through Facebook! 
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Sunday, 17 March 2013

My Week In Pictures #3

01.Mothers day breakfast
02.Green juice-I've been drinking one everyday!

03.Pea and ham risotto<i was quite proud of this!
04.Today's lunch of bacon,cheese&spring onion stuffed potatoes with egg&spinach salad
05.Snow again in south London *joy*
06.Saturday's face
07.ahh student life 
08.my mum bought herself this crazy iPad cover>you can tell she works with under 5's!
09.Lastly my cat kitty asleep on my laptop earlier today.
So all in all not a very interesting week!
I've been thinking about joining a lot of other bloggers and starting fitness Friday posts if anyone's interested?
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Have a lovely week!

Monday, 11 March 2013

Recent buys #1

Mac studio sculpt foundation NW20-£24
I've been using this for a couple weeks now and so far I'm not impressed,for the ridiculous price tag I don't think it's worth it at all.Has anyone else found a way it works for them?,I watched a pixiwoo video where I heard them say it was best to apply with your hands&i tried but so far no luck :(

MUA pro base fixing mist-£5
I haven't used this enough to really tell how well it works but so far all I can say is that it leaves your skin feeling a tad sticky when you first spray it .

La roche-posay hydreane riche-£14
So i caved in an bought this product after hearing so many great reviews and i have to say i cannot praise this product enough.i don't think my skins ever felt this good! It's the best moisturizer I've found! I recommend anyone with dry winter skin to try this out,it works wonders!

Clinique bottom lash mascara-£11
THIS IS AMAZING!enough said.

MUA pro base in porcelain beige-£3.50
As expected the concealer&highlighting cream aren't amazing but the blush on the other hand is such a pretty colour. I've really been into cream blushes lately and this just gives such a natural flush to the cheeks.

MUA pro-brow ultimate eye shadow kit-£3.50
The colour selection isn't great there's either a really light brown or a really dark brown to work which kinda sucks as neither match my eyebrows.

Mac studio finish concealer in NW20-£14.50
Really loving this concealer it gives great coverage and lasts all day!

MUA mega volume mascara-£3
This has become one of my everyday mascara's.considering its so inexpensive it works well!

Sunday, 10 March 2013


I haven't blogged in a while as i've had camera issues(i'm on my third camera in a month!) but thankfully i think i've found a decent one for the time being!
So posts should be on there way soon.
On another note i've recently got Instagram so if you leave your name i'll follow you :)

Much love