Thursday, 10 May 2012

Join Me On My Journey;The Perfect Pair Of Shorts

The Perfect Pair Of Shorts

So,recently I've really been into high waisted shorts.I definitely think there a must have for this summer and however cold and miserable the weather is i'll still be wearing them!
I'm feeling very creative at the moment and after seeing loads of images of patterned/coloured/studded shorts on tumblr I've decided to make my own.
Unfortunately with all my exams starting next week i won't be able spend much time creating my perfect pair of shorts and seeing as I'm planing to bleach them there gonna take more than one day to do.So i thought hey,why not take you guys on my journey&over the next couple of weeks i'll do an update each time i add to the shorts.
so here's a few ideas i had in mind:


So to start with I'm using a pair of old jeans(probably about 4 years old!!)
I used a marker to measure how short i wanted them and then did a rough cut along the line
The next step i did was to make the cut neater.I used a ruler to mark the jeans again,then cut along the line. I also cut the front a tad shorter as i prefer my backside to be covered up a little more!
I quite like the 'frayed' look to shorts so i took a pair of tweezers and started lightly pulling at the ends of the shorts.
The frayed edge;the for the next step i plan to put these in the tumble dryer as it increases the frayed fluffy edge.  :) 
So this is all I've done so far(not much i know!)For the next step i plan to start bleaching!
I'm really quite excited about how these are going to turn out and although they look pretty crap at the moment i have high hopes!If they all go to plan i might start making more and selling them in my shop(which I'm currently setting up!)
Also my friends are in the process of making&customising shorts too, So i thought once we're all done I'll do a massive post on what we've created!

A little update...
 A quick heads up;In the next for days I'm going to do a post of a massive blog sale!! including clothing&highend make up e.g Mac,Calvin Klein&Jemma Kidd.
I also have an outfit of the day soon, courtesy of my good friend Emma!
And a post on Studs as I've recently purchased some off Ebay and jazzed up a bandeau,blouse&lots more lovely things!
So look out for these posts coming soon!

If you've done a post on customising shorts,leave the link below i'd love to check it out!

Lots Of Love 


  1. look forward to seeing how they turn out! xx

  2. Great idea! Cant wait to see how they turn out! :)

  3. Ive done the same thing I'm just waiting for them to come out the washing machine. I'll be putting a post up in a couple of days with the pictures if you want to check it out. I can't wait to see what yours look like :D

  4. I've done this with old jeans before! :) xo

  5. Can't wait for the end result! :)

  6. I bet they would look good! Maybe just cut them a bit shorter? :)

  7. gunna have to try this, I dont care if im on a diet! xo


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