Saturday, 27 July 2013

DIY-Citrus Sugar Scrub!

(Both pictures are from Google)
Now that the Sun is peaking out from behind the clouds and scaring the rain away,your legs are all of a sudden are taken out of their protective cocoon of tights and trousers and thrust into daylight,squinting and looking, well, a little unloved.But this simple homemade citrus sugar scrub will buff away the winter residue and return your body to its full, moisturised glory.

1 Small organic lemon
1 Small organic lime 
1 cup of organic pure cane sugar
1/2 cup organic coconut oil 
1 Teaspoon organic peppermint essential oil/extract
You can also add extras like mint leaves or lemon/lime peel.

How to make:
Mix the coconut oil,the peppermint oil and juice from both the lemon and lime.
Then pour in the sugar and mix well.
If you want to add your extras, you can do this now.
Transfer the mixture to a clean,dry container or an old jam jar and you're ready to scrub!

Exfoliating is great for polishing off dead skin cells and encouraging new ones to take their place.The oil in the recipe adds a beautiful moistening quality-essential after any exfoliating session!

Don't exfoliate more than once or twice a week as you can damage your skin.And don't do it after shaving as you will be left with red lumps and bumps and not the smooth silkiness you were after!

For more natural beauty treatments you can check out Pampered Perfection
Thank you to for the recipe for this scrub!
I tried it out just before my holiday and it really does do wonders,my legs feel great!
Let me know if you try out this recipe!

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

One Dress,Two Looks(Day To Night)

                                                                      Look One:Day 
This is an outfit you could easily wear to college/work minus the sandals which you could swap for something smarter.The dress is from new look and was around £16.
The blazer is one of my favs! and is from matalan.
The sandals are from primark.

Look Two:Night 
The same dress which I've paired with a these bright wedges from select.They add a pop of colour to the black and white dress!


Which look do you prefer?

Right now as your reading this i'm sat on a plane headed to Greece for my holibobs,I've scheduled 4 posts whilst I'm away so look out for them!
I'm also going to take lots of outfit of the day/night pictures whilst I'm here So that post should be up soon after I'm back& I'll also takes lots of snaps here and there of Greece.I'm also thinking of filming bits and bobs and making a little compilation video of the holiday.

In the meantime I'll leave my youtube link below,so have a nosey if your a little bored!

Hope the sun is still shining in England!
lots of love 

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Sneak peak inside my suitcase!

I always love reading/seeing these sorts of posts in my blog feed so i thought i'd do one as i'm off to Greece tomorrow morning!
I'm mostly taking dresses to wear in the day time,high-waisted shorts and vest tops.I'm also taking two books with me.Reconstructing Ameila by Kimberly McCreight and The Morality Of Beautiful Girls by Alexander McCall Smith.
Orange bikini from primark & a topshop white crop top
Daisy print dress from h&m and a Bright Orange top from Primark.

Black bikini from Primark& a H&M bandeau.

Hope you all have a lovely week!

Monday, 15 July 2013

DIY Glowing Skin Summer Face Mask

Recently i was contacted by a lady who works for a spa called Skana in Upstate NY She let me into a few tips and tricks of how to protect your skin in the summer months! Most people are aware of the dangers the sun causes on the skin but not many people know about the bad chemicals found in most sunscreens.She gave me a recipe of a great facemask that protects your skin  for you guys to try out!

The warm summer months are typically when your skin looks its best; however, it's also when your skin probably needs the most care.  Apart from the obvious trauma associated with sun exposure, your skin can also suffer from excess oil buildup, pore blockage, and premature aging.

Fortunately, mother nature also provides a ready-made cure for the ills the sun brings - if you know where to look.  This natural face mask, inspired by Skana Spa of New York resort, Turning Stone, is choc full of antioxidants, which help ward off inflammation, give evenness to your skin, and even help smooth out wrinkles, removing oil and dirt in the process.

Midsummer Bounty Face Scrub
Start by dropping a handful of blueberries - about 1/4 cup - into a blender.  Rough chop 1/4 of a large, ripe tomato, and add that to the blender as well.
Note:  Make sure to wash your produce thoroughly before using to remove all traces of pesticides.

Put the lid on the blender, and pulse gently in 2 second increments, until the blueberries and tomato are fully pureed.  If necessary, scrape down the sides with a spoon, and then pulse again
Transfer the mixture to a small bowl and add 1 teaspoon of apricot kernel oil and 2 to 4 drops of your favorite citrus oil or essence - sweet orange essential oil works especially well.  Stir thoroughly, and transfer to an airtight container for storage.

Because the mixture contains no chemicals or preservatives, it's best used within a few hours of when it's made, although you can store the mask in the fridge for a few days.

How to Use
Start by washing face gently with a gentle exfoliating scrub.  Use your favorite face wash if you have one, or just use a pinch of sugar rubbed onto your palm for a natural alternative.  Rinse your face thoroughly and pat dry.

Open your pores by laying a hot, lightly damp cloth over your face for a few moments.  Apply your summer fruit facial mask liberally to your face and neck, and allow the mixture to sit for about 20 minutes.

Note:  If you've refrigerated the mixture for storage, it's best to allow it to warm back up to room temperature before use.

After 20 minutes, gently wash away the mask with cool, clear water.  Pat dry again with a clean towel.

With regular application of this mask, you'll notice fuller, more vibrant summer skin in just a few short weeks!

Thanks to Michelle for this face scrub recipe,you can find out more about the Skana Spare here!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Jewellery Blogsale! Lips Like Sugar Shop Wholesale

Jewellery Blogsale 
Some of you may remember a while back I started an online shop that coincided with this blog unfortunately because my M.E was pretty bad and I couldn't get to the post office everyday and had to close it.So for the last couple months there has been a bag of leftover stock sitting on my bookcase and I thought why not sell it on here and get rid of what's left!

-I ship to the UK ONLY!
-Post&Packaging is £2.20(20p for each extra item)
-Payment Via Paypal send as 'gift' to avoid extra charges.
Comment below what you want with your email address(to contact for address) and I'll give you my paypal email!


(necklace can be adjusted in length)

Spike necklace £4
Spike Earrings £3
Owl necklace £2
Owl Ring £1
Purple Bracelet £0.50

Comment below if you would like anything!
Limited supplies!

Monday, 1 July 2013

July Wishlist

July Wishlist

July Wishlist by aimeeleila featuring topshop

Top left-Cropped cami tops(topshop)
Totally in love with them,picked one up from Primark last week&realized i now need one in every colour!
Bottom left-Tie dye dress(topshop)
Orange is my go to colour in the summer&i'm in love with the tie dye trend at the moment.
Topshop Lippy in Jewel
Another Tie dye dress from Topshop
Dior Amber Diamond highlighter
Zara Heels-been lusting over a pair of these for ages!
Primark sandlas
Topshop Dungarees-I love how cute these can look with a pair of converse and a bright crop top!

What's on your July Wishlist?