Saturday, 30 June 2012

Primark Haul'in

Primark Haul'in

Stretchy vest tops-£3.00 each
Guns&roses tee-£6(i think)
Navy dress-£6
Peace crop top-£4
Tights-£1.50(i think)
makeup wipes-£1(not my fav but i was in desperate need!)
annnnd finally...this dress which was £13 bargain!
not too keen on the shiny fabric but i guess it won't matter at night!
I'll do an outfit of the night when i wear this dress as i think it looks much better on!
Definitely take a look in Primark if you haven't already this month,
they've got some good finds in at the moment!
I was thinking about doing another 'One dress,three looks' post with the navy dress if anyone would like to see?

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

NOTD:Rainbow Ombre

Nails Of The Day-Rainbow Ombre

 DIY Rainbow Ombre nails 
Deciding on venturing into the unknown,seeing as i normally stick to a block colour on my nails this was rather exciting for me!

(pictures taken a couple days after,oops!)

I loved this look so much i kept it for about 10 days!
Base Coat-Sally Hansen
Primark Glo Bay Glo blue 2
MUA lovehearts nail varnish 11
Sinful colours professional-beautiful girl
Top Coat-Natural Collection Clear
I followed this nail tutorial :)

Have you ever tried a look like this before?

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Sunday, 24 June 2012

OOTN: Sleep All Day,Party All Night!& Dress For Sale

OOTN: Sleep All Day,Party All Night

A little outfit post from my excursions last night,keeping it casual in thick khaki leggings,a sheer black peacock feather print tee with slit sides&killer heels!
Leggings-Next £14
Top-Topshop(an ebay find)
Bag-Sainsbury's £14
Necklace-Ebay 99p

.....and i call these my 'stripper heels' 
I can't walk in them for long,but they look nice!

A few pics from before hand with good friend Emma :')

Quick Note To Say I'm Selling this pink Peter Pan collar dress size 12/14
£10 postage and packaging included, UK only if anyone's interested 

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Running On Empty

Running On Empty 

(Mac Snob,ELF natural lip colour,natural collection dusky rose blush)

A little collection of my 'running on empty' products that I definitely need to repurchase!

Victoria's Secret Refreshing Body Mist In Strawberries And Champagne I'm going to be soo gutted when this runs out,it's definitely on of my fav body sprays might just have to use the excuse of a new bottle for a cheeky swap with a fellow blogger from America?

Mac Lipstick In Snob
This gorgeous colour just a tad bit too purple for me although saying that I've managed to use quite a lot! I'm contemplating buying a new mac lipstick similar this,does anyone have any recommendations?

So hooked On Carmella by Benefit So this Is by far my favourite perfume ever!(followed very closely by Prada Candy)It just smells lush,personally i think Hooked On Carmella smells a lot like Malibu,very fruity but incredibly strong!
What's your favourite summer perfume?

Mac Studio Fix Fluid(NC37)
So my current foundation routine consists of Rimmel lasting perfection foundation which i mix with a tiny pump of mac studio fix fluid.If i had all the money in the world then i probably would just wear the mac foundation but seeing as it's soo expensive!(especially now the prices have gone up)I've come to the decision of buying it in a colour couple shades to dark this way i can mix it with my Rimmel foundation(which is my actual skin colour!)This way i use the least amount of product and can change the amount of mac foundation i use to how tanned i am.
Next time i visit Mac I'm thinking of buying a different foundation does anyone have any recommendations.I've been thinking of face and body or studio sculpt?

Natural Collection Blush In Dusky Pink 
AHH i do love this blush i think it looks so subtle,a nice natural rosy blush, definitely need to head to boots to repurchase this!

Primark Nail polish Glo Baby Glo 
I love this nail polish form Primark,i wore it almost everyday last summer! I just wish Primark had a Nail polish line that was always in stock!I'm going to have to start looking for a dupe!
(Picture taken from google)

Elf Studio Matt Lip Colour In Natural 
I really need to make an order from Elf again soon,i love all their lipsticks but this an all time fav that needs repurchasing! 

Collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer 
This too needs repurchasing and soon! 

What are some of your favourite products you just have to repurchase?

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cosmetics haul:Laura Mercier/superdrug brushes&collection 2000

Cosmetics haul:Laura Mercier/superdrug brushes&more

Heys guys, here's a collection of things i've got over the last few days, products I've heard hyped about & Some impulse buys!Its a very long post so beware!but here it goes, starting from the top right going down to the bottom left. 

Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer 50ml (available in department stores john lewis etc) - £28, Goes on quite easily to the skin.I use a generous amount and let it set for about 30seconds before applying foundation or powder etc.It really does keep foundation looking perfect for the whole day.
Collection 2000 Translucent Finishing Powder (available in superdrug/boots) - £2.99, Surprisingly enough for its price it does a really good job and is easily applicable to the face and as a bonus smells quite nice!
QVS  Blusher Brush (available in superdrug) - £5,Soft brush and applies blusher evenly and well.
Superdrug Foundation Brush - £4, Easy to use and gives a nice even coverage.It does tend to malt a little bit mind you.
Superdrug Kabuki Brush - £4.50 - £5, This one is my favourite buys recently its the softest brush ever! and doesn't malt at all
UV Glow Pink Hair Spray (wash in wash out, superdrug stores only) - £3, When i did my pink hair this is the spray i used its pretty cool for its price the only negative thing i can say about it is that if left my hair very very knotty! but it washed out easily with shampoo.I definitely think if you love to experiment with different hair colours but your a little too scared to try anything permanent(like me) or maybe your school/work wouldn't allow you to have hair this brightly coloured,this is definitely worth buying just for the weekend or even a party!
Live Colour XXL Blonde- £5.49, This dye is different to what i normally get, i normally get a lo'real one but as my roots needed desperately doing&i happened to be browsing the hairdye aisle at my local Tesco i decided to pick this up.I naturally have quite dark brown hair & my roots were about an inch long so i picked up two packets. Unfortunately that was not enough and my roots did go quite orange as i used more than half of the dye to do the underneath of my head(i'd been too lazy to dye it previously&let the roots get to about 3 inches!) eek. I bought the same dye a couple days later and redid the roots so i don't look like such a crazy person!

Sorry about the long post again! 
have you tried any of these?                                                                                                                            

Friday, 8 June 2012

Pink Hair!(Picture Heavy Post!)

!Pink Hair!

Hey guys, just thought I would show you how i spent most of my day yesterday with my good friend Emma. We were on a mission to get new hair extensions in Brixton.Initially after buying the extensions we went into superdrug to buy hairdye(as my roots need doing desperately!)We ended up walking out with a wash in wash out pink hair spray and the duration of the train journey home we spent spraying my hair pink!
(hair before/on the train home dying hair!)

(Superdrug instant colour UV glow hair spray in pink)

 I defiantly think if you want to experiment with hair colours but don't want anything permanent you should check this out,they come in lots of colours as well as pink& cost a mere £2.99!
^camera made my roots look/grey purple :0^
(pink spray on my little sisters hair-didn't quite work)

Unfortunately i only kept the dye in for a couple of hours as i had go out and I'm not quite brave enough to rock the 'pink look' outside my bedroom just yet! I do still have plans to dip dye my new extensions pink, but i definitely don't think i have the confidence to go fully pink just yet....maybe one day!

I'll have a haul up soon with some of the things i bought in Brixton!

Much love

Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Perfect Pair Of Shorts

The Perfect Pair Of Shorts Update #01

So if you've been reading my blog a while you may have seen a post i did a couple weeks back on 
Today i decided to to a little update and say that i haven't forgotten about them!
So far I've bleached them once and this is how they turned out.
Last night i bleached them for the second time.I used a quarter of a bottle of bleach and left them over night.
This morning i woke up to the shorts looking like this.I reckon one more bleaching session and they'll be light enough to start experimenting with colour!
I'm quite excited now!

My next update on these shorts will probably be in a couple weeks when I've bought all the dye.
I've decided on doing them like AndreasChoice Shorts.
Rainbow Style! Maybe with a few studs here and there as i have loads left over!

Would you recommend any fabric dye for me to use as I'm totally clueless!?
Also Still items left in my Blog Sale so check it out!

much love 

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee Nails&Celebrations

Jubilee Nails&Celebrations

^My failed attempt at union jack nails!^
I've never been the patriotic type but this weekend I've literally been glued to the Tv.My favourite part of the celebrations was the Derby(kicking myself i didn't brave the rain and go up there to watch it myself!)
I also loved the Diamond Jubilee concert in particular Madness performing, i thought the projections on Buckingham palace were amazing!
Apart from that I've had a pretty dull weekend to be fair,haven't made use of the bank holidays at all! We did have a family bbq today,thankfully the weather held up! although typically my dad managed to burn the food -__-

I made this set on Polyvore in a moment of boredom Saturday night and thought i'd share it with you guys! So these are some outfit ideas that if i was doing something rather fancy these last few days i would of loved to wear!

(cosy socks,sleepy cat&burnt burgers mmm!)

What did you do the last couple days?
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Saturday, 2 June 2012

Massive Blog Sale(MAC,Jemma Kidd,Calvin Klein&More!)

Massive Blog Sale!!

-Posting to the UK only sorry!
-P&P for makeup £1.50
-P&P for clothes £2.80
-50p extra item
-Pay Through Paypal Only
-Sold as Seen,no returns
-Contact my email if you are interested in anything & i will send you an invoice on paypal

(costa chic,pink plaid,shy girl-only ever swatched on hand
-camera made the colour show up a little different)
£8 each
Calvin Klein Lipgloss in ultimate edge(unopened)
Calvin klein Lipstick in cosmopolitan(pinky/red) £5
Barry M 153 (usage shown-not much!) £2

Avon Lipstick-Kiss Of Pink £2

MAC small pigment in Pinked Mauve £3

Left to right:
Avon dazzling silver(Usage shown)
Avon nailwear (Decadence)
Avon nailwear (Dynamo)
Margaret Astor Wonderlast (blue colour)
£1 each
Avon nailwear pro(Midnight Plum)
Avon nailwear pro(Blue Flare)
No7 stay perfect nail colour (Vivid Violet)
No7 stay perfect nail colour (Betty Blues)
£1 each

Cerruti 1881 perfume(usage shown) 30ml £15

New Look Floral Summer Dress Size 12 £4
(would be better for someone under 5'6 as quite short!)

Summer Dress Size 12 £3

Pink peter pan collar skater dress size 12/14 £8

Only posting to the UK only sorry!
-Pay Through Paypal Only
-P&P for makeup £1.50
-P&P for clothes £2.80
-Sold as Seen,no returns

Thanks for looking!