Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee Nails&Celebrations

Jubilee Nails&Celebrations

^My failed attempt at union jack nails!^
I've never been the patriotic type but this weekend I've literally been glued to the Tv.My favourite part of the celebrations was the Derby(kicking myself i didn't brave the rain and go up there to watch it myself!)
I also loved the Diamond Jubilee concert in particular Madness performing, i thought the projections on Buckingham palace were amazing!
Apart from that I've had a pretty dull weekend to be fair,haven't made use of the bank holidays at all! We did have a family bbq today,thankfully the weather held up! although typically my dad managed to burn the food -__-

I made this set on Polyvore in a moment of boredom Saturday night and thought i'd share it with you guys! So these are some outfit ideas that if i was doing something rather fancy these last few days i would of loved to wear!

(cosy socks,sleepy cat&burnt burgers mmm!)

What did you do the last couple days?
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  1. Those nails are soooo good! well done!



  2. Hi! I just want you to know that I nominated you to 'ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD', I really like your blog
    and to know the mechanics follow my blog!Hope you like it. :)


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