Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Cosmetics haul:Laura Mercier/superdrug brushes&collection 2000

Cosmetics haul:Laura Mercier/superdrug brushes&more

Heys guys, here's a collection of things i've got over the last few days, products I've heard hyped about & Some impulse buys!Its a very long post so beware!but here it goes, starting from the top right going down to the bottom left. 

Laura Mercier Oil Free Primer 50ml (available in department stores john lewis etc) - £28, Goes on quite easily to the skin.I use a generous amount and let it set for about 30seconds before applying foundation or powder etc.It really does keep foundation looking perfect for the whole day.
Collection 2000 Translucent Finishing Powder (available in superdrug/boots) - £2.99, Surprisingly enough for its price it does a really good job and is easily applicable to the face and as a bonus smells quite nice!
QVS  Blusher Brush (available in superdrug) - £5,Soft brush and applies blusher evenly and well.
Superdrug Foundation Brush - £4, Easy to use and gives a nice even coverage.It does tend to malt a little bit mind you.
Superdrug Kabuki Brush - £4.50 - £5, This one is my favourite buys recently its the softest brush ever! and doesn't malt at all
UV Glow Pink Hair Spray (wash in wash out, superdrug stores only) - £3, When i did my pink hair this is the spray i used its pretty cool for its price the only negative thing i can say about it is that if left my hair very very knotty! but it washed out easily with shampoo.I definitely think if you love to experiment with different hair colours but your a little too scared to try anything permanent(like me) or maybe your school/work wouldn't allow you to have hair this brightly coloured,this is definitely worth buying just for the weekend or even a party!
Live Colour XXL Blonde- £5.49, This dye is different to what i normally get, i normally get a lo'real one but as my roots needed desperately doing&i happened to be browsing the hairdye aisle at my local Tesco i decided to pick this up.I naturally have quite dark brown hair & my roots were about an inch long so i picked up two packets. Unfortunately that was not enough and my roots did go quite orange as i used more than half of the dye to do the underneath of my head(i'd been too lazy to dye it previously&let the roots get to about 3 inches!) eek. I bought the same dye a couple days later and redid the roots so i don't look like such a crazy person!

Sorry about the long post again! 
have you tried any of these?                                                                                                                            


  1. i use the kabuki brush every day,love it!

  2. Hi,
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  3. Ohh, can't wait to see a review on the Laura Mercier powder primer :) xo

  4. I love Laura Mercier, nice post!

    Hope you give my blog a peak


    Gem <3 xxx

  5. Great haul :) I love the laura Mercier primer!
    http://strawberry-picnic.blogspot.co.uk/ xx


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