Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Perfect Pair Of Shorts

The Perfect Pair Of Shorts Update #01

So if you've been reading my blog a while you may have seen a post i did a couple weeks back on 
Today i decided to to a little update and say that i haven't forgotten about them!
So far I've bleached them once and this is how they turned out.
Last night i bleached them for the second time.I used a quarter of a bottle of bleach and left them over night.
This morning i woke up to the shorts looking like this.I reckon one more bleaching session and they'll be light enough to start experimenting with colour!
I'm quite excited now!

My next update on these shorts will probably be in a couple weeks when I've bought all the dye.
I've decided on doing them like AndreasChoice Shorts.
Rainbow Style! Maybe with a few studs here and there as i have loads left over!

Would you recommend any fabric dye for me to use as I'm totally clueless!?
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much love 


  1. Excellent idea! You'll end up with something really unique at the end too and it's always fun experimenting :) xx

    1. hopefully they'll be worth all the effort x

  2. man i'm excited for when they're done!!

  3. Very intersting! follow each other darling?:X

  4. they're gonna look so cool!

  5. Great DIY saw AndreaChoice's rainbow shorts too hope yours come out good :)

  6. I like them how the are. Great d.i.y


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