Tuesday, 28 May 2013

BEDM Day 25-Music Love

My top 6 albums at the moment!
So for today's topic we were meant to pick our 5 favourite albums!
I'm not really the type of person to fall in love with a whole album,i'm more of a couple of songs here-couple of songs there kinda girl but here are my 6 all time fave albums(I couldn't narrow it down to 5 sorry) that i can listen to the whole way through!

1# Bastille-Bad Blood 
2#Ellie Goulding-Halycon
3# Frank Ocean-Channel Orange
4# Kanye West-Good Music Cruel Summer
5#Mouthwash-True Stories
6#Hadouken-For the masses

I honestly love all the songs on these albums& Mouthwash's True Stories I've been listening to for years,sadly the band split up(boooo) but that won't stop me listening to their album over and over again!
I recommend everyone to check out these albums if you haven't already!

What's your favourite album at the moment?

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