Tuesday, 28 May 2013

BEDM Day 26-Fantasy Dinner Party

I thought this was a really interesting topic for today's post!
I've always been a massive fan of come dine with me and when i was younger my sister and I were forever cooking 3 course meals and making our parents mark us out of ten!
I thought i'd share with you what i'd cook for a dinner party

Starter-Back to front cauliflower cheese(think Jamie Oliver did this)Melted Camembert with cauliflower dipping pieces!
Main course-Pea and ham risotto-my fave!
Dessert-'A trio of desserts' Chocolate pot,lemon sorbet&a raspberry cheesecake

I honestly think when I have my own place,I'll have dinner party's quite often.I can see myself being a bit fancy and matching to wine to meal and having little canapes & palate cleansers!

(pictures from google)

What would be on your menu?

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