Sunday, 12 May 2013

BEDM Day 12- Collecting

There's only one thing i collect(well apart from makeup, shoes and all that good stuff!)

(taken from google)
It's a really sad thing to collect but i love having a little something(in this case a ticket)to remember the day by. I think i have over 2000 train tickets/travel-cards in my collection along with plane tickets/boat tickets and anything else that you need a ticket to get into.
I have them all stashed in shoe boxes under my bed!
This is something i don't think i'll ever stop doing to be honest!

Do you collect anything?


  1. Can you remember the journey for each ticket? I don't collect them but I don't always throw them away either, and every now and again I'll come across one and I can't ever remember what the occasion was!


    1. i always mark down in my diary what i've done each day,then when i look at a ticket i can usually remember it!xx


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