Saturday, 4 May 2013

BEDM Day 3- A Day In The Life

Hey guys so its currently 00:53 and I've just got home, I feel bad because i'm 57mins late to write this post!

I know most of you all won't read it until tomorrow but i'll feel like I've failed the BEDM challenge by not getting it up it time (Boo)
But hopefully me writing this up now and not when i wake up tomorrow makes up for it!
Today's post was meant to be a day in the life post so here it goes!
I always start my morning with a green juice or smoothie and todays was a banana,strawberry and yogurt smoothie.yum!

Toast and smoothie for breakfast!

I spent the most part of the day revising! Boring stuff!
Tonight i went out for dinner to a Mexican restaurant for one of my friends 18th and another's 19th birthday!
Chicken enchilada and a sex on the beach!

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