Thursday, 9 May 2013

BEDM Day 9- Favourite Social Media Channel

So today's topic is 'Your favourite social media channel'
I think i'm on pretty much every well known site,and of course i love twitter,instagram and YouTube.
Kinda sad but the first and last thing i do when i wake up in the morning and shut my eyes at night is check twitter.
Like most people i think my first experience of social networking was signing up to Facebook in year 7! Actually scrap that! It was probably BEBO!(who remember those days?)
Since then I've tried out most sites.I don't use Facebook as much any more,only to keep in touch will old friends.I also spent many months loving tumblr but recently i've been on it less.I joined Pinterest too,a while ago but find it a bit hard to get to grips with.

My new obsession is keek.I'm addicted.I only joined a month ago but since then I've been on it every day,trawling through videos for hours on end when i'm bored.I recommend downloading the app!

My top 3 apps at the moment are instagram,Keek and YouTube!

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What is your favourite social networking site?
Have you joined Keek yet?

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