Wednesday, 8 May 2013

BEDM Day 8-My First Job

Well....this will be a quick post as i haven't had a 'proper' job yet!
Unless you call helping mum with the odd laminating or display making a 'job'(She's a teacher btw!)
Unfortunately there isn't many job opportunities for teens in my area boo :(
I remember one time,a couple years ago traipsing round my local area for hours on end asking each shop if they needed anyone for a Saturday job-no luck there.
Nevertheless i'm actually quite looking forward to having a job and owning my own money.I plan to take a gap year between sixth form and university and start earning some money and saving up for the future!

What was your first job?


  1. i still haven't had my first proper job yet, although i do help my mum with her jewellery business! xxx

  2. I worked in Broughtons as my first job, alas It closed so I was made redundant. :( Two weeks later I managed to get the job i'm in now & hopefully staying in (fingers crossed).
    Good luck!


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