Thursday, 23 May 2013

BEDM Day 23-Compliments

We all love a compliment right?
I find it really hard to accept compliments,generally because i don't believe them.For example if a boy was to say 'your hot' to me, it would mean absolutely nothing,knowing he had said it to 10 other girls the same day and was waiting for a response from one of them just makes it worse.

The kind of compliments i do like are from strangers.Sounds weird right? but then you know what they're saying is true as they have no obligation to say it.
I remember Christmas shopping last year and the lady on the till she loved my jacket.That little compliment made my day.

How do you feel about being complimented?


  1. Great post lovely. I agree with you, complements form strangers mean so much more as they don't have to say nice things to you. When I worked as a waitress I used to get people complementing my smile and it always made my day :D


  2. I feel exactly the same! I can't help but think the person is either lying or playing some sort of joke on me or being sarcastic. Totally agree on the compliments from strangers though!


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