Monday, 30 July 2012

My Trip To Brighton!

In My last Post I mentioned that I was off to Brighton for a couple days. I have a great aunt who lives about a 5 minute walk from the beach and luckily enough she gave my mum the house keys whilst she went on an ‘Old people's cruise’. So we took the opportunity of a free house and made the short journey down to Brighton for the night, my mum also arranged the trip so that we would meet up with family friends whilst we were there. Another purpose of the trip was to pick up a cake we'd ordered for my sisters 13th birthday party from choccywoccydoodah.We also went down to their cafe and tried out a few of their cakes!

Let me introduce you to my mum&sister Aleika 
Breakfast on the beach 
Mum managed to twist her ankle an hour in...
Enjoying the sun 
Visited the choccywoccydoodah Cafe....Looks huge oTV,when in actual fact it's smaller than your average UK living room!
Ice cream sundaes&a chocolate milkshake
This was my choice along with my mothers(it was huge so we were wise to share it!)
Almost managed to finish the lot
Fish and Chips for dinner on the beach 
Aleika and I got Henna tattoos! 
Shopping time!
Jack Wills had an AMAZING 70% off sale!
And finally a pic of Aleika's birthday cake I'm sure I'll post a clear pic of it up tomorrow on twitter!
Wish me luck got 15 13 year old girls sleeping over for her party tomorrow!


  1. those fish and chips look soo good!xxx

  2. Oohh wow it looks like you had such an amazing time. I've seen the show about that chocolate shop and it looks so nice. I wish we had something like that in Dublin!! xx


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