Sunday, 15 April 2012

My Week In Pictures #2

My Week In Pictures #2

So this week's been pretty busy for me! I went up to London twice this week,the first to meet up with family friends for a meal and a stroll around Hyde park.We went to a place I've never heard of called spaghetti house apparently it's a massive chain dotted all over London.! I ordered the smoky pancetta,avocado & goats cheese salad,and to tell you the truth it tasted quite similar to a salad i make at home quite regularly,wasn't too impressed with that but desert was quite the opposite,i had a tiramisu ,delish!
My second trip up to London was friends,we browsed around the shops on Oxford street and had lunch in macdonalds mmmm :) Picked up a few goodies, you might see in a haul soon too! 
(001-on the train,London in the distance|002-my salad in spaghetti house|003&004-browsing in forever 21|005-taking a stroll through Hyde park|006-view from the bus|007-my cats,kitty&Cosmo|008-would love to see Chicago!|009-admiring the cakes in the cafe opposite Harrods.)
(001-squirrel eating a dorito|002-my sister's pizza in spaghetti house |003 forever 21|004-no food should ever be this colour! |005-family taking a ride on a pedalo 006-snack in the shape of llamas|007-London pigeons.ew|008-amazing mug|009-my new favourite snack)
What did you guys do this week?


  1. Jealous of all your trips to London! xx

  2. lavlely pictures hun :) - follow back if you like my blog


  3. I love that monkey mug! So fun :)
    Looks like you had a lovely week and I'm definitely jealous of your trip to London. Sounds like tons of fun.

    Left brain, right brain, pug brain.

  4. such a lovely summary. i love london so much.
    cannot wait to be there again soon. :) the snacks on
    the last picture look so yummy :D
    in btw your blog is great and I started to follow you, dear!
    maybe you'll have a look on mine as well :))



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