Wednesday, 25 April 2012

MUA Primer Review

MUA Professional Primer
Hey guys,hope your all well! So this review has been highly requested after my little MUA haul,Iv'e been trying out this primer for the last couple days and have come to the conclusion that i do quite like it.

On the packaging it boasts 'A velvety smooth formula that feels light on your skin and creates a flawless even complexion. Wear, alone or under foundation for a long lasting finish.' I would have to agree with this to a point I don’t think it evens out complexion but it defiantly think it provides a great base for foundation but for a mere price of £4 for 27ml you can’t complain. 
First let me start off by saying I have normal to dry skin and this primer works well for me because of that but I can see that people with oily skin may find this product a little troublesome as it is VERY VERY shiny!The primer has a weird consistency and applies like a runny moisturiser but leaves your skin feeling smooth and velvety. I find my foundation is much easier to apply with this primer underneath. It also has a strong floral scent when applied but after it has sunken in to your skin (takes about a minute) you no longer notice it.
Normally without using a primer my foundation lasts all day but I've found after around 6 hours I need to touch up around my nose(because of redness) and sometimes around my eyes but with this primer I no longer need to touch up my foundation which is always a plus!
One day this week I did try out this primer without foundation. I added a light dusting of translucent powder over the top to reduce the shine and although it didn't give me the cover I was used to it made my skin look a lot better and I felt confident enough without foundation.
not great for oily skin 
Good value for money 
Leaves skin feeling soft,velvety and smooth 
foundation lasts longer 
foundation is easier to apply 

The Verdict:
This wouldn't be my first choice of primer if I had all the money in the world to spend but for those who have a lower budget for primers (like I do) I would highly recommend you give this a try. Although for those of you with oily skin I would steer clear!



  1. I think for the price MUA products are actually pretty wicked. :D Love your posts.


  2. excellent review hun ive been looking for a lower budget primer as the bigger brand loreal, revlon ect seem to be aorund the £12-£15 mark and i feel thats quite expensive for me! i am def going to give this ago as i also have normal/dry skin thank you so much for your help x

    1. thankyou!&glad i could help,i hope the primer works for you!xx

  3. Thanks this has really helped, I have oily skin so would have been a bad idea for me to try it!

  4. Great to see you've got your hands on a Primer! I have the No7 primer and at first I was IN LOVE with it. Now I find it just too mattifying as I put it on, it kind of gives my face a rough texture? xo

  5. thanks for the review. i have never used primer before but now i am thinking about giving it a go!

    <3 rae

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    Emily xx

  7. oooh, in need of a new primer and this looks like a much better alternative, may have to give it a try! Great post, Hollie x x

  8. Thanx for the review! I was going to try this out, but having oily/comb skin ill not now! Ill save the pennies! :)

  9. Hi just letting you know i've nominated you for the Vesatile Blogger Award as I really like your blog :) x

  10. really great review :) may have to give it a go as my skin is largely quite dry xx


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