Monday, 30 December 2013

What I Got For Christmas/Recent Buys!

I thought I'd combine my Christmas gifts with a few recent purchases as i was kindly given some money for Christmas. So here's my recent buys/Christmas gifts/sales haul! Hope you enjoy and as always no bragging intended,I just love reading these posts so thought I'd do one this year!

My gift from my parents this year was a pair of Dr Martens! EEEEEEE I can't even begin to explain how excited i am to finally have a pair! They were bought from a shop in my town called Sole Trader I'm not sure if there's many around but it's worth checking out if you want a pair of DM's as they're a little bit cheaper than the Dr martens website.

Sweet Things
Has anyone heard of whoopies? This mix was in my stocking and my sister got the chocolate version,we're making them tonight so we shall see if they turn out ok or not!
and as you can see the selection box has already been opened!
Isn't this just the coolest! 
Can never have enough nose studs!
I was incredibly lucky to get Daisy from my mum- Smells AMAZING!
and thanks to the sister for the mac goodies!

Mac Hue & Ysl Rouge Volupte in 01 

What did you get for Christmas?
Let me know if you would like to see any reviews!

P.s Don't Ikea sheets make a good background!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas and have a happy new year!



  1. Whoopie Cakes are my all time favorite!


  2. So jealous of the YSL lipstick! I need to get one, they're just stunning. You got some lovely bits this xmas! xx

  3. You got lovely things - the jar of sweets is so cute! Also the YSL looks a beauty! x

  4. wow you got some lovely things, I am in love with the docs, too! Checking out sole trader now as I had forgotten how great of a store it was! Thanks hunni!
    Happy new yr :) xxx


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