Saturday, 8 June 2013

Friday Fitness #3

Firstly i apologize for being a day late,completely forgot to write this yesterday!
So I haven't posted a 'Friday Fitness' in a couple of weeks due to exams but thankfully that's almost over, got 3 next week then i'm done, because of these exams I've been slacking a bit and not eating as healthy as i should and i haven't had the time or energy to do any exercise at all! But starting the day after I finish my exams i'll be back on my health kick. I've also realized that my holiday to Greece is in 45 days!(eek) So i better start getting a move on and toning up!
I will also be starting the 30 day shred DVD again.
Jillian Michaels will be my best friend for the next month.Along with that I've also started Yoga!
Here are some meals I've made from the past couple weeks:

Left-Aubergine stuffed with couscous,veggies and feta with a side of roasted peppers,spinach and gnocchi
Right-cheese,spinach,tomato&onion quesadilla (me new favourite lunch!)
Left-Grilled chicken with sweet potato mash and veggies
Right-BBQ burger, cucumber&herb couscous and beetroot!
my new favourite drink!

 What was your favourite meal this week?


  1. ooo might have to steal the aubergine idea looks delicious!

    Charlie xx

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