Wednesday, 6 February 2013

50 Random Facts About Me!

(i dug out some really old pics for this post!)

1.I love falling asleep to the sound of rain
2.I got my nose pierced on my 14th birthday
3. I've lived in 4 countries(Swaziland.Botswana,Barbados&England)
4.My favourite film is the Borrowers!
5.When the first Harry Potter came out I had a crush on Malfoy
6.I have three sisters- Asha, Aliya and Aleika 
7.I'm 5'6 
8)At Starbucks I always order a Caramel Frappuccino 
9)i was a veggie from 12 to 14 but the MacDonald's cheeseburger changed me!
10.I have a double barrel first name- Aimee Leila 

11.I'm half Trinidadian half English
12.I once had a tortoise called Speedy 
13. I only ever paint my nails when i have false nails on.
14. I've held a lion cub 
15).I'm totally addicted to enchiladas 
16. First time i dyed my hair blonde it went Sainsbury's plastic bag orange!-sooo embarassing 
17.My favourite Yankee candle is Vanilla Cupcake
18. I'm an aunt :) 
19. I've been ill for the past 18 months with Post viral fatigue syndrome-It sucks!
20.I get home tutored because of this 

21. The first thing i do when i get home is take my makeup off 
22. Peppermint tea is the best!
23. I'm the type of person who carries everything but the kitchen sink in my bag
24. Brighton is one of my favourite places
25. I'll go to Ikea just to get food 
26. My natural hair colour is dark brown 
27. I can't play pool to save my life 
28. My favourite song is Swim Good by Frank Ocean
29.I'm the champion at Michael Jackson Just Dance in my house 
30.When i type emoticons i always make the face 

31. I can quote Mean Girls word for word
32. I call people bean(as you would babe)-If you've seen the borrowers you'll know why
33.I love getting Henna tattoos 
34.Breakfast IS the best meal of the day!
35.I love going on airplanes 
36.Shoes over bags any day!
37.Every Summer my family puts up the giant trampoline in the garden
38.I'm a fan of all types of music 
39.My friends and I once got kicked out of Ikea for running the wrong way up a travelator 
40. Dulwich park is what i call my happy place(brings back so many good memories)

41. I was so terrified to go the cable cars in London
42.Once my fiend and i were bored and dyed my extensions with Kool Aid-it worked!
43.When i was younger i used to spend almost every weekend in Camden
44.I love living a 15 minute train ride from central London
45. I have two cats Kitty and Cosmo 
46. I've dyed my hair almost every colour under the sun-the best was pink!
47. Hot chocolate with half a teaspoon of coffee in is Amazing!
48.I think I've watched 80% of the documentaries on documentary heaven 
49.I love goofing around with friends
50. I currently have Ellie Goulding's album Halcyon on replay

let me know if you've done this post! 


  1. funny facts :) I always thought Malfoy was the best looking in Harry Potter!
    - x Cerys x -

  2. really nice facts :) xx

  3. I love these posts!
    I really miss having pink hair, I swear it's impossible to be sad when your hair is pink haha.

    Jesss xo


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