Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Guest Post:Soleil Tan De Chanel Review

Hi everyone! My name is Megan from and I’m here to do a guest blog post! I saw Aimee post Soleil Tan de Chanel in a wishlist a few posts ago, this is one of my favourite products so I thought I would give you all a review on it!
Both swatches are the same product, the right side is just a very heavy swatch so that you can see the colour properly. 

Soleil Tan de Chanel is a cream bronzer that has gotten quite a bit of hype recently. It contains 30g or 1 ounce of product which is huge! The bronzer has tiny gold specks in it and I had a bit of a freak out about this. I can only handle shimmer or glitter in highlighters but on the skin the glitters are not noticeable which I was very relieved about. Instead of the disco ball I expected, it just gives your face a gorgeous golden glow which teams perfectly with the bronzed look. 
I used to always use powder bronzers but by the end of the day they would be long gone. Because this product is a cream it lasts so much longer than a powder. As you can see in the photo, hairs from brushes do tend to get stuck in the cream and are next to impossible to get out without digging your fingers in it, so I would steer clear of using brushes that shed (definitely learnt that the hard way).
I use this with a Real Techniques kabuki brush as a contour and then lightly over the high points of my face as a bronzer. I think once it hits summer here in Australia I will use it just as a bronzer though, because it does look incredible (Just a little out of place in winter!). I am quite fair (about an NC20) so if you’re as fair as me you will have to be a bit light handed and watch how much you are using or it can look a bit too orange, any darker and I really wouldn’t worry too much about orangeyness though. 

I know this is a very expensive product. It took me a long time to finally take the plunge and spend close to $70AUS (it is much cheaper in the US and UK) on a bronzer but I could not be happier with it. I know that this will last me a very very long time because it is so pigmented and contains so much product. This is one of my most loved makeup products in my entire collection. I think if you have the money to spend on a high end product, definitely go for this. 


  1. really tempted to buy it now!x

  2. i can never make bronzer work for me! i dont even know why, haha! just followed your blog xx

  3. this is like my favourite bronzer/contour ever! i would recommend it to anyone xx

  4. This sounds amazing i may have to give it a try! Just so happens my Benfit bronzer is running low! x

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